Ophthalmic Pathology

The disease's diagnosis is crucial to the patient's treatment. Ophthalmic pathologists can give a tissue diagnosis as well as information on the cause, pathophysiology, and prognosis of ocular illnesses to practising ophthalmologists. In the discipline of ophthalmology, ophthalmic pathology has a long and illustrious history. Ocular pathologists use normal general pathology techniques to make clinical diagnosis from surgically excised tissue, which include gross inspection, routine histopathology, and specific stains. Ocular pathologists are uniquely qualified to apply their expertise to numerous disciplines of research due to their deep knowledge of the basic anatomy and physiology of the eye. Many notable research contributions by eye pathologists have led to the creation of ophthalmic gadgets, medicinal medicines, and surgical techniques.

•    Pathophysiology
•    Development and malformation
•    Wound healing and trauma
•    Inflammation
•    Advancements

Market Analysis:
The Global Pathology Consumables Market to grow at a CAGR of 6.85% during the period 2022-2023.